Group Outings

Groups wishing to have a catered meal can choose from our preferred catered list.

Group Rates

  • No discounts for walk-in parties
  • Must be arranged and prepaid 48 hours in advance

Water Park Admission
Unlimited water park admission for one day

  • 25-49 People $9.00 Adult $6.00 Youth (17 and under)
  • 50-149 People $8.00 Adult $5.00 Youth (17 and under)
  • 150 and up $7.00 Adult $4.00 Youth (17 and under)

Groups have the option to self cater the outings or have Paradise Breeze cater the outing. The self catered events must include the rental of the Pavilion.Group Outings have the option to arrange a rental of our Paradise Pavilion. The Pavilion area allows a group to host an event up to 200 to 300 people. Extra seating is available upon request. The cost of the Pavilion is $75.00 per hour of reservation.


Groups that cater will have access to the outdoor pavilion for 2 hours.
The pavilion seats 300 to 400 people.
Extra seating is available upon request.All groups reserving the pavilion or funbrella will be charged a $0.25 per person set-up/clean-up fee

For more information about our preferred caters please, contact Paradise Breeze at (606) 759-9416.

Facility Lease Agreement

You can lease such areas as:

  • Lazy Lap Pool
  • Tadpole Island
  • Double Dare Slides
  • Rainbow Cafe
  • Paradise Pavilion


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